Enjoy your life doing what you love, not writing lesson plans!

Dear Fellow Teacher,

The first round of single day and mini unit lesson plans and resources are now available.  As with any lesson, I've spent numerous hours planning and implementing these lessons through the last few years.

Here's what's included in your lesson package:

  • Common core aligned lesson plans
  • Lessons that utilize proven engagement strategies
  • Activities that promote higher order thinking
  • Handouts
  • Powerpoints
  • Links to online resources
  • and more...

I am so happy to be able to share these with like minded educators who are dedicated to challenging and fostering inquiry in our youth. 

Emily Du Plessis

Single Day Lessons

  • Conflict

    Get students engaged in learning about internal and external conflict by putting them into various scenarios to determine what they would do.

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  • Point of View

    Your students will imagine themselves in the point of view of something or someone else to help them understand how a different perspective can change understanding of an event or character in a story.

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  • Fiction vs. Non Fiction

    Help students distinguish between two of the main genres of writing by learning the characteristics of each one.

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  • Mood

    Help students understand the emotional response that writers often strive to evoke from readers.  Use images to help students understand the concept of mood.

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  • Theme

    Using children’s books, you can help students grasp the deeper understanding of theme.

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  • Setting

    To help students understand how setting can impact a story, they will be writing and working collaboratively to come to a collective understanding.

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  • Characterization

    A story would be so bland without characterization.  Students will focus on the various ways an author indirectly develops a character in a story.

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  • Plot

    Students will make personal connections to plot, then dive into the importance of plot in fiction stories.

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Mini-Unit Lessons

  • Analyzing Speech Rhetoric

    Students focus on the analyzing the purpose, audience and language used to move crowds through famous speeches. Add to Cart $12.00

  • Elements of Fiction

    A collection of the single day lessons that incorporate the main elements of fiction.

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  • Close Reading & Text Marking

    With high stakes testing focused on students’ ability to read, mark and analyze a text, now more than ever students need instruction on close reading and annotating skills. Coming Soon!

  • Characters

    Through reflection on favorite stories and movies, students will identify the various types of characters present in fiction stories. Coming Soon!

  • Folklore

    Students will learn the various characteristics of different folklore and engage in writing activities to demonstrate their understanding.

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  • Creative Writing

    Assess your students’ understanding of elements of fiction by having them work collaboratively on writing a fiction short story.

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  • Figurative Language & Poetry

    Students learn about figurative language by identifying and analyzing its use in poetry.  Students get exposed to poetry and analyze the impact figurative language has in writing.

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  • Paragraph Writing

    Students focus on mastering a well developed paragraph to ensure their understanding and prepare them for attacking a full essay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1

    Can I adapt lessons?

    Absolutely! I know that part of being a teacher is being able to make something your own. You know your students and what will work for them, and that might mean making a minor adjustment to a lesson or activity. No big deal. To help with this, when you purchase a lesson or mini unit you will receive both PDF and Microsoft Word documents so that you can adapt a lesson to fit what you need

  • 2

    Will these lessons actually work in a real life classroom?

    I always appreciate this question because I too went through the teacher preparation programs where you watched videos of modeled lessons and when you entered the real world of teaching those videos soon seemed unrealistic. These lessons will work in a real life classroom setting because I've used every one of them in my own classroom with success. Not only that, but because I've used them I've been able to tweak them after a lesson if something needed to be fixed. I truly hope you find the same success with them as I have found!

  • 3

    What comes in a package?

    When you purchase a package, whether it is a single day lesson or a mini unit, you can expect to receive standards aligned lessons, handouts and worksheets, powerpoints and any other materials that accompany that lesson. Lessons range anywhere from $3-$5 per lesson (in both single day and mini units)- we often spend this on ancillary items we don't need. This small investment can truly save you tons of time.