Lesson Plans- Putting the Objectives to Paper


Lesson plans lay down the ground rules for a lesson and set the pace and vibe. They act as guides for the lessons and allow teachers to deliver lessons more pragmatically and effectively.  It seems today that there is a lot of controversy over the concept of a lesson plan and whether it is something that should be mandated by schools.

Whether your school requires you to write lesson plans or not, there is some theoretical merit to lesson plans and aligning them to common cored standards.


Tips for Developing Powerful and Effective Lesson Plans

Most effective lesson plans are the ones that list down means and methods to be deployed for achieving the goals of the lesson and rendering students with clear understanding of the topics. Showcasing video clips, holding debates, throwing surprise quizzes, playing educational games and using props often help students stay curious and understand the topics in a more effective manner. Powerful lesson plans keep objectives and methodologies in sync so that the output of the lesson is closer to expectations. Also, it has been observed that while developing lesson plans, teachers are able to come up with innovative ways to deliver lessons to the students.


Sticking to Common Core Standards

It is easy to get carried away and deviate from the common core standards while preparing different lesson plans. However, in today’s educational world it is advised by many school systems that one sticks to the common core standards and follows them stringently while preparing any lesson plan. Following common core standards not only ensures that the lesson plans stay comprehensive and effective but it also gives a common outline to all lesson plans and makes future review of lesson plans much easier.


Educational Games- Because Students Learn Better When They Are Having Fun

Nobody likes boring lectures, especially young kids. This is where educational games come into picture. Educational games aim at helping kids understand the topics in a fun manner so that they enjoy while learning and develop a clear understanding of the topics. Since games are highly interactive and interesting, kids enjoy them and show greater participation. Including educational games in lesson plans ensures better success rate.


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