5 Strategies to Keep Students Engaged Throughout the Whole Lesson


It does seem that in education every year there is a new buzz word out that takes over our professional development events and the education headlines.  However, one thing that I think has been and will always be important is how we engage our students in our daily lessons.

In a world where kids are constantly stimulated and entertained, it is a true challenge to keep their attention and interest during a lesson.

Check out these 5 strategies to help keep students engaged all class period long!

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    An activity that you can use at the beginning, middle or end of a lesson any time any day. It's easily applied and adapted to be used with vocabulary, concepts, famous people, or self reflection. An example of how it can be applied is: Name 3 things you associate with our vocabulary word: Give 2 synonyms for the vocabulary word: Write 1 sentence using the word in context.

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    Stop & Jot

    Giving students time to process and reflect on their learning is critical. Stop & Jot allows you to move through a lesson and randomly stop and ask your student some questions and give them time to think and write their answers on the handout. You can use this during a lecture, video, group work, reading assignment, etc.

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    Turn & Talk

    The days of a silent classroom are long gone. Allowing students opportunities to verbalize their thinking and hear from other classmates is critical. Turn & Talk can be used anytime, anywhere and takes no preparation. It only takes the teacher being in tune with the students and the lesson. Stopping every 6-8 minutes and giving students one minute to turn and talk to a neighbor about what's being taught helps the student remember the content.

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    Active Reading

    When you are reading in class, it's critical to have the students reading actively. This is a great skill to teach students especially for times when they need to digest a short piece of writing and analyze the content. Whether you use guided notes, main idea charts, double entry notes, or other activities get students working hands on with text and reading with a purpose.

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    Exit Tickets

    It's crucial for student learning to provide students the opportunity at the end of a lesson to take 2-3 minutes to reflect on what the goals of the day were. Having an exit ticket- 3-2-1, sticky note challenge, etc- allows students to return to what was learned during class and it helps that information to be recalled back to the forefront of their mind.


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