5 Ways to Include Technology In Any Classroom


In the world we live in today finding ways to bring technology into the classroom only helps teachers meet the students at their level. Whether we want to admit it or not, kids today have been raised with devices and in many instances prefer learning no them.

Does that mean that we get rid of all of the other great activities and teaching strategies that don’t include technology?

Of course not.

But, finding ways to incorporate it into your lessons can really help with student engagement. 
Below is a list of five sources to incorporate tech into your class.



If you have access to computers fairly regularly this can be a great resource to use for quizzes or fostering class discussion. Teachers can go in and input questions prior to class, then students log into your ‘classroom’ and are able to answer the questions. Teachers can control the pacing of the activity and the answers can live stream on the board so that you can immediately talk about what the students think. This is a great tool for allowing students to write and process before you have them discuss and share out. Every kid is writing and accountable for the information. It is free to join and you can find more at www.socrative.com. Even more, as a teacher you can print out a pdf copy of the answers for each student so that you have data and can provide feedback, if you wish, to the students.



I’ve seen a number of ways that this can be used within a classroom. Think of it like a bulletin board in your classroom that students can add information, pictures, etc to and students can see it immediately on the board. I’ve used it with questions and students had to go on and answer them. I’ve seen a teacher have each student create a padlet as a character within a story and everything they added had to be related to that character and the assignment. It’s free and fun for students and teachers to use. Find more at www.padlet.com


I like to think of this has the reinvented collage project for book reports. Students can create glogs on any topic and import pictures, write great content and embed Youtube videos related to the task. Students have fun embellishing the glog with pretty colors and fun accents all while creating content to meet the task at hand. Teachers can print off a PDF copy of the glog to grade and students can share their glogs with the class to teach others about their topic. Find out more at www.glogster.com

Today's Meet

Remember the days when we use to sit and talk about a book that we were reading in a book club or book chat? Today’s Meet is a website that enables students to backchannel or chat about a specific topic. Teachers can create various ‘rooms’ where students enter and they just chat on the website about a topic. Teachers can hold students accountable by printing out a transcript after the session and students have fun engaging in informal conversations about various topics online. Find more at www.todaysmeet.com


Are students still interested in Facebook? If so, Edmodo is an education based program that mirrors Facebook (even the colors) and allows students to create profiles, add pictures and have discussions about various topics. I’ve used this with independent reading where students are put into specific groups and carry on discussions on the Edmodo page. The teacher can check in and add comments to what the students are saying to continue and encourage the conversation. Find more at www.edmodo.com


What other types of technology or websites have you used in your classroom before?  Please share!

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