Lesson Plans- Putting the Objectives to Paper


Lesson plans lay down the ground rules for a lesson and set the pace and vibe. They act as guides for the lessons and allow teachers to deliver lessons more pragmatically and effectively.  It seems today that there is a lot of controversy over the concept of a lesson plan and whether it is something…

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5 Ways to Include Technology In Any Classroom


In the world we live in today finding ways to bring technology into the classroom only helps teachers meet the students at their level. Whether we want to admit it or not, kids today have been raised with devices and in many instances prefer learning no them. Does that mean that we get rid of…

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Teaching with Multi-Genre Text Sets


When I left college and entered the world of teaching, I had big ideas of what I wanted my classroom to look like.  My teacher prep program prepared me for many of the things I faced over the first couple of years and I truly did feel prepared. I remember meeting with my mentor my…

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5 Strategies to Keep Students Engaged Throughout the Whole Lesson


It does seem that in education every year there is a new buzz word out that takes over our professional development events and the education headlines.  However, one thing that I think has been and will always be important is how we engage our students in our daily lessons. In a world where kids are…

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Text Dependent Analysis: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly


If you are teaching ELA anywhere in Pennsylvania right now I’m sure you have heard of the ominous TDAs.  The integrated ELA PSSA test this year will be including these text dependent analysis type questions which will account for 19% of a student’s overall score on the test.  While it seems that there is still…

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