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"Teaching is aiding in the art of discovery"

-Mark Van Doren

Welcome to DailyLessonPlan.com! I'm thrilled that you have found your way to my site. I assume you made your way here because you are a teacher and in desperate need of materials to help give you more time.  How did I know- because I'm a teacher too who is struggling to manage the growing workload, the pressure of the high stakes testing and the constant demand that is placed upon teachers.


My name is Emily Du Plessis and I can honestly say that I love teaching!  I'm a certified ELA teacher who has taught grades 7, 8, 9, and 11.  While working at a high school in Northern VA, I had the pleasure of teaching students from all walks of life and all ability levels.  From the at-risk students who were expected to not graduate, to large populations of ELL and Special Ed., to the self motivated honors students and the "regular" students who in this day and age seem to get lost in the shuffle.

I saw and learned so much while working in that school and much of what I'm sharing on here came from the inspiration those very diverse students gave to me.  While differentiation has been the buzz word around education, I definitely had my helping of tailoring lessons to meet the varying needs of my students.

While I've switched gears to teaching solely Reading, I have taken on an additional role as an instructional coach.  So, not only do I have the pleasure of working with the students, I get to collaborate and work with teachers on ways to incorporate literacy into the various content areas as well as engagement strategies to keep the kids focused on the lesson.

As a result of the coaching role, I get to attend professional development events at least 2-3 times  a month and I'm sharing a lot of what I am learning at these events on here and in the lessons.

My goal of this site is to start saving YOU TIME!  With all of the teachers that I work with and speak with at PD events, everyone can agree that we just don't have enough time.  With that, this site was born and I hope to share with you lessons and resources that help make your classroom a place both rigorous and exciting for kids to learn.

Lastly, I do have a life outside of teaching!  Although, I think we can all agree that during the school year personal lives are difficult to balance with school.  I live in Pennsylvania with my wonderful and supportive husband and my fun loving daughter. We enjoy traveling, spending time with family and living life to the fullest!

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